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建筑领域  建筑领域
 Scope of Construction  Scope of Construction

 地产领域  地产领域
 Scope of Real Estate   Scope of Real Estate

                        全过程质量控制                  设计                     采购                    施工建造
 造的全过程,为客户筑就精品工程、提供最优服务,努力为客户创造更多价值。  Full-process Quality Control  Design  Purchasing       Construction

                         机构建设           加强科技设计质量管理体系建           加强采购管理制度建设              加强施工质量管理组织体系
 Having the trust and recognition of our customers is our strongest source of value. We prioritize their interests, integrating   Institution Building  设、完善科技设计质量管理制度  Strengthen the procurement   建设和制度体系建设
 their requirements into the construction process so as to provide them with high-grade engineering and world-class services that   Strengthen the scientific and   management systems  Strengthen the construction quality
 provide exceptional value.  制度建设       technological  design  quality                  management  system  and  the
                                        management  system,  and
                                                                                        institutional system
                     Institutional Improvement  improve all quality management
                                        提升科技设计人员质量意识能力          提升采购人员质量意识能力            提升施工人员质量意识能力
                         能力建设           Enhance quality awareness of scientific and   Enhance quality awareness and   Enhance quality awareness and
 坚持公平营销  Upholding Fair Marketing  Capacity Building  technological personnel and designers  capacity among sourcing staff  capacity among construction workers
                                        加强设计方面的质量控制             加强采购方面的质量控制             加强施工建筑过程中的质量控制
 咱们将公平理念贯穿到与客户合作全过程,主  Fairness plays a vital role in our cooperation with   质量考核  Tighten quality controls for design  Tighten quality controls in procurement  Tighten quality controls in the
 customers. We provide detailed engineering information   Quality Assessment            construction process
 动向客户提供详实工程服务信息,坚定履行对客户  and services, honor our commitments and ensure that our   开展设计质量考核  开展采购质量考核  开展施工质量管理考核
 的每一份承诺,全力保障合同的公平制定与有效执  contracts are formulated fairly and implemented effectively.   全方位质量管理  Conduct assessments on design quality  Assess procurement quality  Implement assessments related to
 In 2012, we had a 100% fulfillment rate for construction   Overall Quality             the construction quality management
 行。2012 年,咱们建筑合同履约率 100%(会签评审率  Management
 contracts. This included all aspects of reviewing, disclosing
 100%、合同交底率 100%、合同履行策划率 100%)。  information, fulfilling and planning contracts.
                         全员能力建设                设计人员                    采购人员                  施工建造人员
                     Overall-staff Capacity Building  Designers      Sourcing Staff        Construction Workers

                     全方位质量管理                                       Overall Quality Management

                        咱们持续推进质量管理组织体系、制度体系、考                         We regularly promote improvements to our quality
 施工建造阶段                                                            management system, the institutional system and assessment
 At the construction stage  核体系建设,全方位地保障工程质量。2012 年,质量             system to ensure the quality of our projects. In 2012, we had
                     管理体系覆盖率 100%。                                 a 100% pass rate in our coverage of the quality management
 合同制定阶段                                                            system.
 At the contracts formulation stage
 招投标阶段  在合同制定前与客户洽商,提出合
 At the bidding stage  理化建议,帮助客户预防工程施  Establish a project steering group
 for key projects, strictly control the
 工过程中可能出现的难题;  project schedule in accordance with   设计:经住房和城乡建设部批准,成立建筑工程质量标
 the contract, and enhance contract
 在合同制定过程中,将合理化建议、  performance                准化技术委员会
 配备专人复核项目的各类信息,为客  客户合理要求纳入到合同中,有效            施工:推进质量管理组织体系建设
 户提供真实完整的工程业绩档案;  解决工程专业性的信息不对称问题             Design: establish a Technical Committee for Construction
                                              Engineering Quality Standardization approved by the Ministry
 制定招投标内部管理办法,完善  Negotiate with proprietors before formulating   of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
 contracts and put forward suggestions
 对外报送资料的评审机制,配备  to prevent problems in the construction   Construction: promote the construction of a quality management
 专人审核招投标文件的真实性  process;
 Incorporate suggestions and customers’
 Assign staff to review all project information   reasonable requirements into contracts
 and provide customers with accurate and   related to the construction process and   机构建设
 complete files on engineering performance;  resolve any engineering information    Institution Building
 Develop internal regulations on bidding   asymmetry
 management, improve all mechanism
 for reviewing declared documents, and
 assign staff to review the authenticity of
 the bidding process and documents
                       设计:设立专门施工图设计文件审查机构,                    全方位                设计:制定《安全信誉好的网投赌博设计集团工程总承包项
                       完善审查制度,加强对施工设计文件审查                    质量管理                目评审办法》,推进设计 - 施工一体化
                       采购:完善采购流程,分置采购核心权力;                  Overall Quality      采购:完成《安全信誉好的网投赌博股份集中采购手册》,
                       使用交易平台,定期公布采购质量                      Management           同步推行标准化手册与集中采购平台试
                       施工:完善《项目管理标准化考核办法》,                                       点
                       将项目管理标准化考核纳入二级企业绩         and Assessment          制度建设 Institutional   施工:修订完善《安全信誉好的网投赌博股份有限公
                       效考核中                                                      司施工企业质量管理考核评价办法》
 筑就精品工程  Building High-grade Engineering
                       Design: establish a special censorship on                 Design: formulate the China Construction
 咱们恪守“品质重于泰山、高于一切”的信念,通  Quality is a top priority and we always conduct holistic   construction design documents to improve   Engineering Design Group’s Appraisal and
                                                                                 Examination Rules on General Contracted
                       review mechanism and improve work
 quality management in order to build capacity among our staff   Procurement: improve procurement procedures,   Projects to promote the integration of the
 过全方位质量管理、全员能力建设、全过程质量控制,  and provide full-process quality controls that guarantee high-  decentralize core procurement rights, and utilize   design and construction process
                                                                                 Procurement: compile the CSCEC Central
                       our trade platform to regularly publish information
 为客户奉献精品工程。2012 年,项目一次交验合格率  grade engineering to our customers. In 2012, we had a 100%   on sourcing quality  Procurement Manual, and implement pilot
                                                                                 projects on the standardization manual and
 pass rate from our customers in the acceptance of completed   Construction: improve the Assessment Rules   centralized procurement
                       on Project Management Standardization, and
 为 100%。               incorporate all assessment into performance               Construction:  revise  and  improve  the
                       evaluation of secondary enterprises                       CSCEC Appraisal and Assessment Rules
                                                                                 on Quality Management of Construction
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