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建筑领域                                                                                                                   建筑领域
       Scope of Construction                                                                                                  Scope of Construction

       地产领域                                                                                                                   地产领域
       Scope of Real Estate                                                                                                   Scope of Real Estate

                     全员质量管理能力提升                                    Overall-Staff Quality Management Advancement                             提供最优服务                                        Providing Best Services
                                                                      We provide training programs for all designers, procurement
                        咱们开展科技设计人员、采购人员、施工人员的                                                                                                  咱们完善客户服务体系、健全客户沟通渠道,不                          We have improved our customer service system, customer
                                                                   personnel and construction workers so as to raise their awareness                                                      communication channels and customer satisfactory, and will
                     培训,不断提升员工质量意识。                                on the importance of quality.                                            断提升客户满意度,全力与客户构筑长远、共赢的伙                       continue to build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships
                                                                                                                                            伴关系。2012 年,保修期内的工程抽样客户总满意率                    with our customers. In 2012, we had a 100% customer satisfaction
                                                                                                                                                                                          rate in the sampling of projects that were within the warranty
                                                                                                                                            为 100%,其中满意为 84.7%,基本满意为 15.3%。
                                                                                                                                                                                          period, of which we received an exceptional satisfaction rating of
                                                                                                                                                                                          84.7% and basic satisfaction rating of 15.3%.
                               科技设计人员                        采购人员                         施工人员                                              客户服务管理
                               Scientific and               Sourcing Staff           Construction Workers
                            Technological Designers                                                                                                                                       Customer Service Management
                         通过与施工技术杂志社合作举办               编制建筑材料采购教材,组织采              开展全面质量管理小组活动,召                                                                                              We have established a customer service system covering
                         “高层与超高层建筑论坛”,组织              购人员开展原材料采购专项培训              开基层企业的质量专题会议;推                                            级的客户服务组织体系,不断健全客户服务管理制度,                      all levels of the company . The Chairman of the Board sits at
                         召开“安全信誉好的网投赌博 2012 年技术交流           Prepare building material procurement   行“以查代训”,利用对项目质量                               优化客户服务管理机制,持续提升客户服务管理能力。                      the head and steers all improvements in customer service
                         研讨会”等形式,为技术人员创造              training materials, and organize training   检查的时机,引导施工人员质量                                                                          management system. He and his team also optimize the
                                                      sessions on sourcing.
                         学习交流平台                                                   管理方法、技术标准等                                                   咱们颁布《安全信誉好的网投赌博保密管理办法》,设立保密机                     customer service management mechanism, and work to
                         Hold  High-rise  Building  Forum  in                     Carry out total quality control group                                                                   enhance our customer service management capability.
                         association with the Construction                        activities, hold conferences on the                       构,明确保密机构职责,划定文件保密级别,与相关人
                         Technology  Magazine  Publishing                         importance of quality in grassroots                                                                         We have enacted the CSCEC Regulations on Confidentiality
                         House,  and  organize  the  “2012                        enterprises, promote inspections instead                  员签署保密承诺书。
                         C S C E C   Te c h n o l o g y   S e m i n a r ”         of trainings, and take advantage of quality                                                             Management and established confidentiality organizations. We
                         to  create  a  learning  platform  for                   inspections so as to train construction
                         technicians.                                             workers about quality management                             做好客户沟通是留住客户、提升客户忠诚度的重                      follow all responsibilities related to confidentiality and grade
                                                                                  methods and technical standards.                                                                        all confidential documents to ensure privacy. And we also sign
                                                         全员质量管理能力提升                                                                                                                       confidentiality commitments with all relevant personnel.
                                                          Overall-Staff Quality                                                             方式、方法及流程,实现与客户密切的互动。                              Good communication with our customers is vital to retaining
                                                       Management Advancement                                                                                                             their business and enhancing their loyalty towards our company.
                                                                                                                                                                                          To this end, we regularly make improvements to our customer
                                                                                                                                                                                          communication system, standardize our methods and procedures
                                                                                                                                                                                          to achieve closer interaction with them.
                     全过程质量控制                                       Overall process Quality Controls
                        精品工程源于过程控制。咱们将质量控制融入到                         High-grade projects stem and succeed from professional
                                                                   process controls. We incorporate quality controls into the               客户沟通方式、内容及特点
                     设计、采购、施工、竣工的全过程,全力铸造精品。                       design, procurement, construction and completion process to
                                                                   create high-quality projects.                                            The Channels, Content and Features of Communication with Customers

                                                                                                                                            沟通方式                          沟通内容                         沟通特点
                                                                                                                                            Channels                      Contents                     Features
                                                                                                                                            高层直接交流                        礼节性拜访、战略合作谈判                 实现与客户各层级的直接交流与沟通
                      建立集中采购管理中心,制定集中采购平台建设方案,选定 15 家单            强化对施工作业层的工序、工艺操作管理;
                      位作为集中采购试点;                                  落实“样板引路制”、“三检制”、“质量例会制”等制度;                                               Direct communication with top   Courtesy call and strategic cooperation   Realize direct communication with
                      对建筑材料性能及分包商资质提出明确的要求;                       明确并落实各专业的工长、施工人员、工艺质量第一责任人的质量管理                                           management                    negotiation                  customers at all levels
                      监督建筑材料加工、进入施工现场;                            岗位职责,前移质量控制                                                               业务面谈、需求调查                     业务主体内容交流                     最直接最有效的沟通方式
                      严控分包商施工进度与质量                                Strengthen management of the construction procedures, technical           Business interviews and surveys on   Communication about the main business The most direct and effective
                      Establish a centralized procurement management centre, develop   process and operations;                              demands                                                    communication channel
                      a building program for the centralized procurement platform, and   Implement the“template guiding system”, the“three-inspection
                      select 15 companies to participate in pilot project;  system”and the“regular quality meeting system”;                 电话、网络、短信交流                    事件性交流                        时间短、效率高、内容量大
                      Put forward clear requirements for the performance of building   Clear and implement quality management job responsibilities for   Telephone, network and short message  Event communication  Short time, high efficiency and much
                      materials and the qualification of subcontractors;  professional foremen, construction workers, key person liable in                                                             information
                      Supervise the manufacturing process and the delivering of building materials;  charge of the technical quality process
                      Strictly control subcontractors’construction progress and quality

                          设计阶段              采购阶段            施工准备阶段            施工阶段              竣工阶段
                        Design Phase     Procurement Phase  Preparation Phase  Construction Phase  Completion Phase                         增值服务                                          Value-added Services
                                                                                                                                                咱们发挥“全产业链一体化”的优势,主动为客户                        We always utilize our competitive advantages fully to develop
                                                                                                                                                                                          the entire industry chain, and actively provide customers with
                      设计前:掌握工程勘察地质资料、参数、水文          制定质量管理制度、落实岗位职责、配备质           参照内部验收制度,重点检查隐蔽工程质量;
                      特征等相关资料;编制设计大纲,建立设计           量管理人员;                        组织客户、监理等各方共同参与工程验收                                        提供建筑一体化最优解决方案和综合服务,不断满足、                      optimal solutions for integrated building and comprehensive
                      校审制度;                         制定项目的质量目标,分析项目的施工特点           Focus on examining the construction quality               超越客户需求。                                       services to satisfy and exceed our customers’ needs.
                      设计中:积极开展方案比选和设计方案优化,          与难点,编制质量策划书及质量管理计划;           in hidden projects according to the internal                                                                We provide customers with services related to project
                      检查设计中可能出现的问题;                 编制施工方案、技术交底等管理文件              acceptance system;                                            咱们为客户提供项目立项、项目可行性研究、融投                    application, project feasibility studies, and financing and
                                                                                  Organize clients, supervisory agencies and
                      设计后:从功能、安全、可实施等角度开展评审         Formulate a quality management system,   other parties to perform the acceptance
                      Pre-design:  master  relevant  materials   implement job responsibility guidelines, and   system together             资咨询与服务;协助客户开展项目勘察设计、项目管理、                     investment consultation in order to help them with project
                                                    arrange quality management staff;
                      of  engineer ing  investigation  such  as                                                                                                                           surveys and design, project management, bidding management
                      geological data, parameters, hydrological   Set quality objectives for all projects, analyze                          招投标代理、造价咨询;向客户先容新工艺、新方法,
                      characteristics, compile design brief and   anticipated features and difficulties during                                                                            and cost consulting. We have also introduced new technologies
                      establish censorship for design;  the project construction phase, and prepare a                                                                                     and methods to help customers reduce construction costs and
                      Design: prioritize and optimize design scheme   quality planning and management plan;                                 在保障工程质量前提下降低施工成本;编制工程使用
                      so as to find problems that may occur;  Prepare a construction program and technical                                                                                ensure the quality of their projects. For the convenience of our
                                                    clarification paper and other management
                      Post-design: evaluate the design from different   documents                                                           说明书,方便客户使用。                                   customers, we are preparing an engineering manual.
                      aspects such as function, security and operability
         38  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                                                                                                                                拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  39
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