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保障员工权益                                                                                                                 保障员工权益
       Protecting the Rights and                                                                                              Protecting the Rights and
       Interests of Employees                                                                                                 Interests of Employees
         关注职业健康                                                                                                                 关注职业健康
       Focusing on Occupational Health                                                                                        Focusing on Occupational Health
       助力全面发展                                                                                                                 助力全面发展
       Boosting Comprehensive                                                                                                 Boosting Comprehensive
       Development                                                                                                            Development

       注重人文关怀                                                                                                                 注重人文关怀
       Focusing on Caring Culture                                                                                             Focusing on Caring Culture
                                                             特殊人才                                                                           关注职业健康
                                                          Special talents
                                                                                                                                            Focusing on Occupational Health
                      中国工程院院士和全         有突出贡献的中青年         享受政府特殊津贴专        教授级高工 1,107人      一级注册建造师7,192人
                      国工程设计勘察大师         专家 6 人            家 208 人            1,107  professorate     7,192 first-grade  registered
                      10 人                6  middle-aged  and     208 specialists who enjoy   senior engineers  construction engineers         咱们高度重视员工的健康,安排员工进行体检,                          We attach great importance to the health of our
                        10 Academics from the   y o u n g   s p e c i a l i s t s   a special government                                    建立职业健康档案。通过培训、讲座等形式传播心理                       employees and arrange for them to take medical examinations.
                      Chinese Academy of   w i t h   o u t s t a n d i n g   allowance                                                                                                    We have also established occupational health files. By means
                      Engineering and China   contributions                                                                                 学常识,增强员工对自我心理健康的关注,帮助员工保                      of training and  lectures we disseminate psychological
                      Engineering Survey and
                      Design Masters                                                                                                        持良好的情绪与心理健康。                                  knowledge to our staff to enhance their mental health and
                                                                                                                                                                                          keep them in a positive mood.

                     薪酬福利                                          Remuneration and Welfare Benefits                                          案例:员工 EAP 计划

                        咱们建立薪酬与效益联动机制,使员工更好地与                         We have established a link between remuneration and                         安全信誉好的网投赌博钢构巴基斯坦 BBIA 项目启动了员工 EAP
                                                                   economic benefits in order to share our prosperity with our
                     企业共享发展成果;完善薪酬福利管理体系,按时足                       employees. We make regular improvements to our remuneration                (Employee Assistance Program, 员工援助项目)
                     额发放员工工资,为员工提供基本社会保障和补充医                       and benefits management systems, pay employees in full and                 计划,通过心理调研、心理疏导、教育培训、主题活
                                                                   on time, provide them with basic social security and medical
                     疗保险,社会保障覆盖率 100%;鼓励员工带薪休假,                                                                                               动等形式,释放海外员工的负面情绪 , 疏导压力,引
                                                                   insurance, and encourage them to enjoy paid holidays. We cover
                     带薪休假制度覆盖率 100%。                               100% of our employees’ social security and holiday-paid system.            导海外员工树立正确的心理健康观和职业发展观。
                                                                      We provide and guarantee full benefits for all employees
                                                                   who work abroad, and constantly  improve our holiday system by             Case Study: Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
                     假制度,提供海外员工回国探亲假,承担员工往返交                       providing staff with home leave and a roundtrip travel allowance. In
                                                                   accordance with the location of the project, we provide employees              China Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. started the
                     通费。根据项目所在国 / 地区实际情况,在当地重大                                                                                                EAP program in its BBIA project in Pakistan. Psychological
                                                                   with holidays during local festivals. In 2012 our holiday system for
                     节日时,为员工提供假期;海外各机构休假制度实现                       overseas agencies provided 100% coverage; more than 95% of                 research, mental counseling, education and training, as
                                                                   employees used their holidays at the correct time.                         well as themed activities, helped overseas staff relieve any
                     100% 覆盖,员工正常休假超过 95%。                                                                                                    negative feelings associated with living and working in a new
                                                                   Employees’ Engagement in Management                                        country and facilitated a better outlook on mental health and
                     民主管理                                                                                                                     career development.                         与心理咨询师面对面
                                                                      We are improving our employee management system                                                                     Face to face with Psychological Counselor
                        咱们坚持完善民主管理制度,建立健全各级职工                      and use of the employee representative congress at all levels.
                                                                   We have established the Democratic Appraisal for Leaders
                                                                   Committee, the Proposal Collection Working Committee, and
                     提案工作委员会、职工经济技术创新工作委员会;坚持                      the Employee Economic and Technological Innovation Working
                                                                   Committee. We adhere to the procedures for employees’
                     履行民主管理程序,保障员工民主权益。员工入会率                                                                                                助力全面发展
                                                                   engagement with management, and diligently protect their
                     97%。2012 年,咱们征集精细管理语录 1,132 条、合理              rights. 97% of our employees have joined trade unions. In                Boosting Comprehensive Development
                                                                   2012, we collected 1,132 comments and 2,067 suggestions
                     化建议金点子 2,067 条,将其中 197 条语录和 113 个
                                                                   on our approach to management, of which 197 comments
                     优秀金点子编辑成册,创造了 7,330 万元经济效益。                   and 113 suggestions were included in a management book.
                                                                   Implementation of the comments and suggestions is estimated                 员工是咱们所有价值的创造者和实现者,是咱们                          Employees create and drive our values and our approach
                                                                   to have resulted in an economic benefit of RMB 73.30 million.            持续发展的核心动力。咱们积极为员工搭建发展平台,                      to sustainable development. We are actively building a
                     座谈会等形式了解和回应员工的希望与诉求;不断创新                         We listen to our employees. By means of suggestion box,                                                             development platform that encourages the full involvement
                     与员工的沟通方式与渠道,主动公布员工申诉渠道,方                      questionnaires, seminars and various other tools, we get to              努力实现“考核评价、职业生涯规划和教育培训”三个                      of our employees in our assessment, career planning, and
                                                                   understand and respond to their expectations and demands,                体系全员覆盖。                                       education and training system.
                     便员工申诉。                                        creating more efficient communication channels in the process,
                                                                   and publicly publishing information on how we resolve issues to
                     保护隐私                                          better facilitate employees’ complaint in the future.                    员工培训                                          Staff Training

                        咱们通过设置信息系统管理权限,取消填报家庭                      Protecting Privacy                                                           咱们遵循“专业化、职业化、国际化”的人才战略,                       Our human resource strategy focuses on specialization,
                                                                                                                                                                                          professionalization and internationalization, and gives
                     地址等隐私信息,保护员工隐私权;加强人事档案管理,                        We have safeguarded our employees’ privacy by establishing            以教育培训全员覆盖为目标,努力构建集入职培训、专
                                                                   an information management system that requires staff permission                                                        employees opportunities to further their education and training
                     设立专门的档案库房,对人事档案实行分级管理,设                                                                                                业技能培训、职业发展培训为一体的职业教育培训体                       through our vocational education and training system. The
                                                                   before information can be shown. Staff no longer need to fill in family
                     置管理权限,制定审批程序,避免员工信息泄露。                        addresses and other private information. We have also strengthened       系,致力于打造经营管理、项目建造、勘察设计、地产开发、                   system is comprised of induction training, professional skills
                                                                   our management of personnel files, setting up a professional                                                           training and career development sessions. We also built five
                                                                   archives room, conducting level-to-level management in personnel         专业管理等五支人才队伍,提高企业竞争力。                          teams in our operational management, project construction,
                                                                   files, establishing management rights, and formulating approval                                                        survey and design, real estate development and professional
                                                                   procedures to avoid any leaking of staff information.                                                                  management divisions to improve our overall competitiveness.

         62  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                                                                                                                                拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  63
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