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保障员工权益                                                                                                                 保障员工权益
       Protecting the Rights and                                                                                              Protecting the Rights and
       Interests of Employees                                                                                                 Interests of Employees
         关注职业健康                                                                                                                 关注职业健康
       Focusing on Occupational Health                                                                                        Focusing on Occupational Health
       助力全面发展                                                                                                                 助力全面发展
       Boosting Comprehensive                                                                                                 Boosting Comprehensive
       Development                                                                                                            Development

       注重人文关怀                                                                                                                 注重人文关怀
       Focusing on Caring Culture                                                                                             Focusing on Caring Culture
                     2012 年企业员工获得国家级荣誉情况                                                                                                    丰富生活                                          Colorful Social Life
                     National Honors Our Employees Received in 2012
                                                                                                                                               咱们将丰富业余生活视为拓展员工幸福空间的题                          A healthy social life is an intrinsic factor in contributing
                      奖项                                         数量(个)     颁奖单位                                                                                                           to the development of a happy living environment. We aim
                      Honors                                     Numbers   Awarding Units                                                   中之意,帮助员工平衡工作和生活。咱们积极开展登山、                     at enriching the social lives of our employees and try to help
                      全国五一劳动奖状、全国五一劳动奖章、全国工人先锋号                                                                                             郊游、运动会等多种文体活动,组织员工成立读书、摄                      them to achieve work-family balance. We organize recreational
                      National Labor Award,National Labor Medal, and National   25  中华全国总工会                                                                                               activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, and sports
                      Workers’Pioneer                                      All-China Federation of Trade Unions                             影、书画等各种协会和兴趣小组,不断提升员工幸福感。                     meetings and have established reading, photography,and
                      全国青年文明号、全国青年岗位能手、全国五四红旗团委                            共青团中央                                                            2012 年,咱们举办了安全信誉好的网投赌博组建三十周年系列活动,                   painting associations and groups to improve their happiness. In
                      National Youth Civilization, National Skilled Youth, and   5  T h e  C o m m un i s t  Yo u t h  L e a g u e  C e nt r a l                                          2012, we organized 13 activities including staff performances,
                      National Red Flag Communist Youth League             Committee                                                        以文艺演出、演讲比赛、摄影比赛等 13 项活动来庆祝                    public speaking contests, and photography competitions to
                                                                           中央企业团工委                                                          安全信誉好的网投赌博三十年历程,丰富员工生活。                               celebrate the 30th anniversary of CSCEC.
                      中央企业十杰青年岗位能手                                  1      T he  C ommunis t  Youth  League  Wor king
                      Top 10 Skilled Youth of Central Enterprises
                                                                           Committee of Central Enterprises
                                                                                                                                              案例:举办员工集体生日聚会                               Case study: Holding a Collective Birthday Party
                                                                                                                                                  12 月 21 日,安全信誉好的网投赌博总企业工会、 团委和总部事务                  On 21 December, 2012, the Trade Union and the
                                                                                                                                                                                          Communist Youth League of CSCEC and the Headquarter
                                                                                                                                              管理局联合为总部四季度过生日的 41 位员工举行                    Administration Bureau jointly held a joint birthday party for
                     注重人文关怀                                                                                                                   了集体生日聚会,这是企业总部员工首次集体过生                      41 employees who were born in the fourth quarter of the
                                                                                                                                                                                          year. This is the first time employees at the headquarters
                     Focusing on Caring Culture                                                                                               日。生日会上惊喜不断,游戏环节热闹非凡。大家                      had such a birthday party. The party came as pleasant
                                                                                                                                              用拥抱将祝福传递,用笑声将幸福拓展。                          surprise to all and included lively games.

                        咱们持续为员工拓展以人为本的幸福空间,从关                         We continue to contribute to the development of a
                                                                   people-oriented happy space by caring about the daily life of
                                                                   our employees. We are institutionalizing and normalizing a
                     种关心员工的措施制度化、常规化。                              series of new measures related to caring about our employees.

                     女工保护                                          Protection of Female Employees
                        为女员工提供更加符合性别需求的工作环境,拓                         Providing female employees with a safe and suitable
                                                                   work environment to expand their happy living environment.

                           薪酬待遇              晋升渠道              生育休假              方便哺乳             女性讲座
                         Remuneration     Promotion Channel  Maternity Leave   Breast Feeding  Lectures for Women                           困难员工帮扶                                        Helping Needy Employees
                          and Benefits
                                                                                                                                                咱们将帮扶困难员工作为长期、系统的工作,定                         Helping our employees is seen as a part of our systematic
                      向女性员工提供具有竞争       向女性员工提供平等的晋      对生育、妊娠后流产、各种节     有不满一周岁婴儿的女性      开展针对女性员工的讲座,                                                                                  approach to creating a positive work environment. We regularly
                      力的薪酬待遇,实现男女同      升渠道              育绝育手术的女性员工,制定     员工,规定“每日可用一小     为女员工提供健康保养、心                                    期慰问困难员工,将“春送祝福、夏送清凉、秋送希翼、                     visit needy employees. And trade unions provide aid activities in a
                      工同酬               Provide female employees   不低于国家规定的休假标准  时的工作时间为婴儿哺乳”  理疏导等方面的常识
                      Provide female employees with   with an equal opportunity and   Provide maternity leave for   Provide an hour working-time   Provide health care lectures   冬送温暖”常态化、规范化、制度化,推动各级工会建  normalized, standardized and institutionalized manner. Moreover,
                      competitive remuneration and   promotion channel  female employees during   for infant feeding for female   for female employees and offer                          trade unions have established a special fund to help the needy, and
                      benefits, and implement the        pregnancy, childbirth, or   employees with infants below   healthy and mental counseling  立“扶贫济困”专项基金和困难职工动态档案。2012 年,
                      principle of men and women         following  an  abortion  or   the age of one                                                                                     track information and requirements. In 2012, we invested more
                      enjoying equal pay for equal       sterilization operation, and
                      work                               ensure that maternity leave is                                                     咱们累计投入资金 2,000 余万元在全系统开展“四送                   than RMB 20 million to help the employees with difficulties.The
                                                         not below the national limit                                                                                                     allowance benefited 40,000 migrant workers.
                                                                                                                                            活动”,包括农民工在内的 4 万员工从中受益。

                       案例:“最美”女设计师                                 Case Study: “The Most Beautiful” Woman Designer
                                                                                                                                              案例:成立“信·和”关爱基金                              Case Study: Establishing “Credit·Harmony” Care Fund
                           安全信誉好的网投赌博六局所属天津安全信誉好的网投赌博建筑设计院副总工程                         Yan Ruihua, Deputy Chief Engineer and Assistant to the
                                                                   President of Tianjin Architectural Design Institute affiliated to              2012 年 2 月 3 日,安全信誉好的网投赌博五局安装企业工会第四                 On 3 February, 2012, the Regulations on the
                       师、院长助理杨瑞华荣获全国行业“最美女设计师”                     CSCEC 6th Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., was awarded the National           次会员代表大会暨四届一次职代会通过了《安全信誉好的网投赌博五                      Management of “Credit·Harmony” Care Fund of the
                       称号。杨瑞华是国家注册公用设备工程师(暖通空                      Best Woman Designer title in the design industry. She is a certified                                                   Installation Co., Ltd. of CSCEC 5th Engineer Bureau was
                                                                   public facility engineer (HVAC), and was recommended by the                局工业设备安装有限企业“信 · 和”关爱基金管理办法》。                approved at the Fourth Member Congress of Trade Union
                       调),被设计院推荐参加中国勘察设计协会主办的,                     Design Institute to participate in “CCDI Cup First Selection of Best       基金管理办法规定,因自然灾害、重大疾病或者家庭                     and the first session of the Fourth Workers’ Congress. The
                       “CCDI 杯首届全国勘察设计最美女设计师评选活                    Woman Designer in National Exploration and Design Industry,                                                            Regulations state that the fund can be used to help needy
                                                                   organized by China Exploration and Design Association. She was             重大事故而导致生活困难的员工将会得到基金救助,                     employees who are suffering from the consequences of
                       动”,当选本届百名“最美女设计师”。                                                                                                                                                 natural disasters, serious diseases and/or major accidents.
                                                                   selected as one of the “Top 100 Women Designers”.                          藉此让他们感受到企业发展带来的幸福感。

         66  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment                                                                                                                                                拓展幸福空间·Expanding a happy living environment  67
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