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 2013 年是安全信誉好的网投赌博意气风发、业绩辉煌的一年。在党的十八大精神指引下,在新“一最两跨”战略引领下,安全信誉好的网投赌博  The year 2013 witnessed great advance and achievements made by CSCEC Guided by the gist of the 18th National Congress of
                Communist Party of China and the corporate strategy of“one most and two entries", CSCEC has kept advancing in a steady way while
                focusing on the growth of quality and profits. We have sped up structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, improved
 着应对各种风险和挑战,取得了优异成绩,企业的可持续发展能力进一步增强。  management and met all risks and challenges soberly, thus made outstanding achievements and enhanced the sustainability of the
 安全信誉好的网投赌博的社会形象和品牌价值显著提升。在 2013 年度《财富》全球 500 强企业排名中,安全信誉好的网投赌博位列第 80 位,比
                    CSCEC considerably improved its social image and brand value. CSCEC ranked No. 80 in the 2013 Fortune Global 500, 20 places higher
 2012 年度排名上升 20 位,继续保持全球规模最大建筑地产企业的地位;在国资委央企负责人经营业绩考核中,安全信誉好的网投赌博
                than the previous year. It maintained the status of being the world’s largest real estate enterprise. In the performance appraisal for CEOs
 再次被评为 A 级企业。企业荣获 2012-2013 年度鲁班奖 16 项,国家优质工程奖 32 项,保持了行业领先水平。  of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) organized by SASAC, CSCEC was again rated as Grade-A enterprise. It won 16 China Construction
 安全信誉好的网投赌博的主营业务规模效益再创佳绩。全年建筑业务新签合同额超过 1.2 万亿元,合同额、营业收入、利润和经济  Engineering Luban Awards and 32 National Quality Project Awards for 2012-2013, keeping its leading position in the industry.
 增加值均创历史新高。房建主营业务在规模扩张的同时,发展质量同步提高。基础设施与海外业务发展良好,全年承接高铁、  CSCEC made better performance in expanding its core business. The value of new construction contracts signed exceeded RMB 1.2
                trillion for the whole year. operating revenues, profits and economic added value making new high. While expanding its scale of real estate
 地铁、路桥等基础设施工程合同总额较去年增长 52.9%;境外新签合同额同比增长 16.2%。
                construction as the core business, CSCEC has also improved the development quality. At the same time, the infrastructure and overseas
 安全信誉好的网投赌博创新驱动转型升级、可持续发展之路愈加宽广。 发挥设计、开发、房建、基建“四位一体”优势,推动国家“城  business developed very well. For the year, CSCEC scored a 52.9% increase in contracting infrastructural projects like high-speed
                railways, subways, roads, bridges and others over the year before. And the amount of newly-signed contracts in overseas markets rose by
                16.2% year on year.
 企业科技创新硕果累累,获国家专利授权 1,675 项,在建筑类央企排名第一;肖绪文同志被中国工程院评选为院士,成为
                    CSCEC drove the transformation and urpgrading through our innovation for sustainable development. By making use of the advantages
 继张锦秋院士之后安全信誉好的网投赌博第二位院士,实现企业在施工领域院士零突破。  in design, development, housing construction and capital construction development, CSCEC contributed to China’s urbanization drive.
                CSCEC explored a lot in green construction and expanded its innovative energy efficient and environment-friendly business and thus made
                positive contribution to ecological development, energy conservation and environmental protection. The company made fruitful results
 党的群众路线教育实践活动。按照中央“照镜子、正衣冠、洗洗澡、治治病”的总要求,聚焦作风建设,坚决反对“四风”,  in high-tech innovations. It has obtained 1,675 national patents, ranking No. 1 in central construction enterprises. Mr. Xiao Xuwen was
 开展了批评与自我批评。企业工作作风更加务实与清廉,作风建设的新成效凝聚起科学发展的强大动力,对未来发展产生  elected to be an academician with Chinese Academy of Engineering, being the second after Academician Zhang Jinqiu from of. Xiao is also
                the first academician of CSCEC in the field of construction.
                    CSCEC engaged in the CPC’s Mass Line Campaign to pool the driving force for scientific development. In accordance with the directives
                and arrangements made by CPC Central Committee, CSCEC organized a series of activities for the Mass Line Campaign. As required by
 全体员工践行安全信誉好的网投赌博学问核心理念。推动宣传和学习“超英精神”,打造“超英清廉学问示范点”工程,广大优秀员工  the CPC Central Committee to “look into the mirror, make clothing tidy, have a shower, and receive treatment”, CSCEC focused on ethics
                development and strongly opposed bad working styles. CSCEC conducted criticism and self-criticism movement. As a result, the working
                style became more practical and honest. These efforts were pooling greater driving force, which are sure to exert profound influence on
 一分部署、九分落实! 2014 年将是安全信誉好的网投赌博的落实之年。咱们希翼各利益相关方借助报告,理解、帮助和支撑中国建  the future development.
 筑的发展。咱们将继续坚持诚信、科学经营,真诚回应利益相关方的希望和关切,持续改进各项工作,努力创造安全信誉好的网投赌博  CSCEC well carried on the corporate culture and Chen Chaoying Spirit. By pushing forward development of corporate cultural
                system with Credo of CSCEC as the core, all employees practiced the core cultural philosophy of the company. At the same time, CSCEC
                encouraged its employees to learn from the Chen Chaoying Spirit and engage in the Program of Chaoying Honesty Cultural Demo Points.
                The employees worked hard in an effort to realize the CSCEC’s goal of becoming “a conglomerate in construction and real estate with
                international competitiveness”.
                    Planning is important. But implementation is even more important. For CSCEC, 2014 is a year of implementation. It is our hope
                that all stakeholders can understand, help and support CSCEC after reading the report. We will adhere to honesty, integrity and science-
                based operation to live up to your expectations. We will keep improving in all aspects, working for a better future and thus making new
                contributions to building a more beautiful China.

 CSCEC Chairman Yijun

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