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拓展幸福空间 共筑梦想家园
 Expanding a Happy Living Environment
 Building a Common Dream Home  ●  在《财富》“全球 500 强”排名中位列第 80 位,列全球建筑地产企业首位。
                     ●  国务院国资委中央企业负责人经营业绩考核 A 级。
                     ●  国务院国资委中央企业信息化水平评价 A 级。
 作为一家建筑地产企业,安全信誉好的网投赌博“为何存在、为谁存在”?面对这  ●  在 ENR 全球 150 家顶尖设计企业排名中位列第 53 位,居安全信誉好的网投赌博设计企业首位。
 一核心问题,“拓展幸福空间”的企业使命完美作出了回答。“满意客户、  ●  荣登“中国上市企业资本品牌百强”。
                     ●  荣获第九届中国证券市场年会“金鼎奖”。
                     ●  荣获第九届金圆桌“优秀董事会奖”。
                     ●  荣获“2013 大中国地区建筑及综合类企业最佳投资者关系奖”。
                     ●  中海地产连续十年荣获“中国房地产行业领导企业品牌”,品牌价值达 297.74 亿元人民币,居行业首位。
                     ●  Ranked 80th among companies in Fortune Global 500 list and No. 1 in the Global Property and Construction
 As a real estate construction company, for what and for whom China Construction   Industry.
 exists? It is a core question which our corporate mission “Expanding a happy living   ●  Awarded Class-A prize in Performance Evaluation of Central Enterprise Executives by State-owned Assets
 envirnment” perfectly answers. The principle of "satisfying our customers, helping   Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC).
 employees achieve their success, paying back shareholders, and benefiting the society"   ●  Rated as Class-A information Central Enterprise by SASAC.
 demonstrates that China Construction combines our own development with that of   ●  Ranked 53 on ENR's Global Ranking of 150 Top Design Companies, the first in China architecture design
 stakeholders’. The principle not only constitutes the theme of China Construction’s   enterprises.
 mission, but also displays our ultimate responsibility. In China Construction, the   ●  Won Chinese Top 100 Listed Companies.
 corporate social responsibility is deeply rooted in our culture while at the same time   ●  Won Golden Tripod Award in the 9th Annual Meeting of Chinese Securities Market.
 our corporate culture provides guidance for corporate social responsibility: they   ●  Won The 9th Golden Round Table “Excellent Board Award”.
 together open the door of sustainable development.    ●  Awarded the 2013 Best Investor Relations among Construction Enterprises and Conglomerates by global well
                     known IR Magazine.
                     ●  Affiliated China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. was awarded “The leading brand of China real estate industry”,
 安全信誉好的网投赌博围绕“拓展幸福空间”, 努力打造“最具国际竞争力的建筑
                     with a brand value of RMB 29,774 million, first within the industry.
 值之梦、品质之梦、和谐之梦、发展之梦、成长之梦、进步之梦、繁荣之梦”  ●  在《财富》中国企业社会责任 100 强排行榜中位列第 6 位,列建筑行业首位。
 化为现实,与利益相关方共建和谐美好的梦想家园。  ●  蝉联中国“最具责任感企业”称号,是获得该称号的唯一建筑企业。
                     ●  《安全信誉好的网投赌博 2012 年社会责任报告 / 可持续发展报告》获中国社科院五星级评级,位列中国上市企业社会
 Building around "Expanding a happy living envirnment", we actively respond to
 expectations of stakeholders. Hand in hand with stakeholders we build the "Dream of   责任信息披露榜 10 强,获评“金蜜蜂 2013 优秀社会责任报告长青奖”。
 value, Dream of quality, Dream of harmony, Dream of development, Dream of growth,   ●  《安全信誉好的网投赌博情系农民工 拓展幸福凝聚动力》获评国务院国资委“中央企业优秀社会责任实践案例”。
 Dream of progress, Dream of prosperity". In turning dreams into reality, we are
 achieving our mission of becoming "the most internationally competitive construction   ●  Ranked 6th on the Fortune Top 100 China Enterprises of Social Responsibility, 1st among the construction industry.
 & real estate group ".  ●  Awarded the title of “Most Responsible Enterprise” in 2012 and 2013, the only construction enterprise winning the
                     ●  CSCEC 2012 Sustainability Report/CSR Report was awarded a 5-Star Report rated by Chinese Academy of Social
                     Sciences, ranked Top 10 on the list of Social Responsibility Information Disclosure of Chinese Listed Companies; Won
                     "The Everlasting Price of Outstanding Social Responsibility Report Goldenbee 2013".
                     ●  CSCEC Caring for Migrant Workers,Expand Happiness,Gather Powers won “  Excellent CSR Cases of Central
                     Enterprises” by SASAC of the State Council.

                                                                                 共筑梦想家园·Building a Common Dream Home  3
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