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报告编制过程         咱们基于企业发展的社会背景、企业战略和经营重点、                          Based on the social background and the corporate strategy,
 Report Preparation Process  社会责任报告相关指南和标准以及利益相关方需求分析,         CSR Report Guidelines and Standards as well, Needs Analysis of
                                                               Stakeholders as well as CSCEC Social Responsibility Management
            结合安全信誉好的网投赌博社会责任管理指标体系,确定本次报告社会                          Index System , we build the list of issues of the sustainability report.
                                                               Based on the questionnaire survey, substantial issues were then
                                                               determined based on the analysis done from the two dimensions of
            持续发展的影响”和“对利益相关方的重要性”两个维度                          “impacts on the sustainability of the enterprise” and ‘importance to
 本报告在编写过程中,建立了由企业社会责任委员会  A Sustainability Report Work Team was set up for the writing of
 the report, which was organized by the CSCEC CSR Committee, taken   对社会责任议题进行分析,确定实质性议题。  stakeholders”.
 charge of by the CSR Office and coordinated by other departments
 和单位共同参与的可持续发展报告编制小组。  and agencies.
 We invited internal and external stakeholders to take part in
 the preparation of the report. We communicated with stakeholders
 常通过企业网站、报纸、期刊、业务报告、电台、电视和  through the CSCEC website, newspapers, journals, business   实质性议题分析过程
            Analytic process of substantial issues
 reports, radio stations, TV, Weibo as well as meetings and other
 forms of communication, so as to collect issues and expectations
 与利益相关方广泛沟通,收集利益相关方关注的议题和期  of stakeholders. We held a mobilization meeting on preparing   企业发展宏观背景  企业战略和经营重点  社会责任报告标准和相关指南  利益相关方分析
 望。2014 年 2 月,咱们召开可持续发展报告编制启动会,  the sustainability report in February, 2014, and carried out a   Macro Background of the Company  Corporate Strategy and Focus of Business  CSR Report Standards and Guidelines  Analysis of Stakeholders
 questionnaire survey of stakeholders and collected comments and
 开展利益相关方问卷调查,针对性收集企业内部员工及各  suggestions on the report from employees and various stakeholders.   安全信誉好的网投赌博社会责任管理指标体系
                                            CSCEC Social Responsibility Management Index System
                                                         CSR Issues
 组织员工茶话会  开展项目开放日活动
 Organizing Tea Party of Employees  Holding Open Day Project
                                             矩阵分析                      问卷调查
                                           Matrix Analysis         Questionnaire Survey

                                                   Substantial  Issues of the Report

 召开股东大会   主办行业会议
 Convening General Meeting of Stockholders  Hosting industry meeting   沟通需求  了解程度
                  Communicating Needs   Understanding Level

 完成内部批                                4.63  4.42
 准、外部评估     4.5      4.35  4.28       4.37        4.39  4.28                          员工职业发展 Personnel career development
 Accomplish   4.0    4.12       4.12        4.07                                            绿色建造 Green construction
 internal approval         3.96  3.89             4.12  4.15                    安全    客户服务        房屋质量保证
                                                                                      Customer service
 and external                                                                                     Housing quality assurance
 撰写报告正文  assessment   3.5                                                               防治污染
                                                                                        Pollution prevention
 Write report                                                                薪酬福利 Compensations and benefits
            3.0                                                    对利益相关方的重要性
 收集资料                                                                  关爱农民工                供应商管理 Supplier management
 选定报告名称  Collect data  发布报告                                            Care for migrant workers       可持续经营
 和主题  Release report  2.5                                                       税费缴纳 Tax payment      Sustainable business
 Finalize report
 制定报告工作  name and   2.0                                           Importance to stakeholders   客户隐私保护  科技创新
                                                                                                      Sci-tech innovation
 计划  subject                                                             Customer privacy protection
 组建报告工  Make work   1.5
 作小组  plans for report   印刷报告  1.0
 Set up Report   work  Print report
 Work Team  0.5
 利益相关方问  Design report  0
 卷调查             可持续经营 科技创新  质量    安全    环境     员工    社会                     对企业可持续发展的影响
 召开报告启动兼  Questionnaire   Sustainable   Sci-tech   Quality  Safety Environment  Employees Society  Impact on sustainable development of the corporation
 培训大会  survey of   business   innovation
 Hold a meeting   stakeholders
 for mobilization
 确定目标和分工  and training  利益相关方对社会责任议题沟通需求和了解程度的评价                  部分社会责任实质性议题分析举例
 Set goals and                                                    Parts of cases for the analysis of CSR substantial issues
 第一次小组  divide labor  表明利益相关方沟通需求满足情况优异
 会议  企业 2013 年可持续发展报告编制流程  (参加问卷调查人数:外部 110 人,内部 22 人)
            Stakeholders’ Appraisal of the Needs Communication of CSR Issues
 Preparation Process of the Sustainability Report 2013
 The 1st team   and Understanding Level indicate that the communication needs of the
 meeting    shareholders are well satisfied.
            (Numbers of respondents: External 110; Internal 22)
 6  拓展幸福空间·Expanding a Happy Living Environment                                  共筑梦想家园·Building a Common Dream Home  7
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