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           My CoMMent

                                                                                                                                  P12    VIEWPOINT
                  @ 张旸:     头回见她,是在同事的办公桌上,随手拿                         小编:     高大上是形象,目光所及却不只是高处。
                            起来翻阅,这一翻就成了不可或缺的“朋                                 人物的小故事还得靠大家多多投稿,来爆                                 AUDITOR’S VIEW
                            友”。在每次期待的时候,我会先到网络上                                料,别心软。
                            查询一番,可是并没有找到《安全信誉好的网投赌博》内                                                                                     nternal audIt of the enterprIse has entered a brand new development stage, aImIng at addIng value and
                                                                                                                                    ImprovIng and organIzIng operatIon. apart from supervIsIon, the overall tendency of Internal audIt has
                                                                                                                                  Iturned Into value management, wIth confIrmatIon and consultatIon functIons strengthened. Internal
                            搜索,结果还是空手而归。当今网络已经成                    @ 王建邦:      建议增设一个“品”的栏目,品·小说、                                 audIt Is a cornerstone for corporate governance. the Internal supervIsIon and balance can only be
                            为人们非常依赖的信息传递方式,如果《中                                品·诗歌、品·绘画、品·书法……这样,                                realIzed wIth the coordInatIon and support from board of audItors, supervIsIon board, fInancIal supervIsIng
                            国建筑》能够更多的出现在网络中,我相信                                “锐、人、聊、走、晒、品、看”多角度、                                department and the dIscIplIne InspectIon and supervIsIon department, whIle takIng advantage of the macro
                                                                                                                                  supervIsIon system, engagIng In audIt rectIfIcatIon and accountabIlIty, and upgradIng audIt result utIlIzatIon.
                            那不仅仅是一本期刊的成功,更意味着中                                 全感观,充分体现书香安全信誉好的网投赌博浓重厚实的学问
                                                                                                                                  the Internal audIt of chIna state constructIon engIneerIng corporatIon (cscec) should carry more
                            国建筑的企业学问已经传播得更快、更远。                                底蕴,让安全信誉好的网投赌博书香四海,芳留五洲。
                                                                                                                                  responsIbIlIty In launchIng strategIes, preventIng rIsk, promotIng management and ImprovIng qualIty, helpIng
                            (安全信誉好的网投赌博装饰集团中装企业)                                       (安全信誉好的网投赌博装饰集团华鼎企业)                                       the corporatIon Improve development qualIty and Implement corporatIon’s strategy and polIcy. Importance
                                                                                                                                  should be attached to the core requIrement of the corporatIon such as asset qualIty, debt structure
                                                                                                                                  optImIzatIon, upgraded development qualIty, Improved management that concerns controllIng rIsks,
                    小编:     谢谢你的一见钟情。网恋请直戳http://                      小编:     虽然咱们没有“品”的栏目,却一直抱着                                 IncreasIng effIcIency, strengthenIng core competItIveness, as well as ImprovIng corporate governance.
                                                                                                                                  P32    FIGUrES
                                                                   @ 高新燕:      喜欢“讯·微弹”,原因有三:第一:有深
                @ 宋部昌:      我是一名土生土长的安全信誉好的网投赌博人,深爱着                                 度。“弹”看起来是个人观点的发挥,其实                                XIAO XUWEn, AcADEmIcIAn :
                            安全信誉好的网投赌博这个大家庭也非常喜欢《中国建                                 背后隐藏着杂志的价值取向和立场。亦庄亦
                            筑》杂志。希翼能增设“安全信誉好的网投赌博大家谈”栏                                 谐的评论语言不经意间引导、启迪了读者的                                 I WAnT TO kEEp WORkIng
                            目。选取安全信誉好的网投赌博员工工作、生活、学习等各                                 思维。第二:图好看,读者的视线被牢牢吸
                                                                                                                                       Iao Xuwen’s offIce Is furnIshed wIth a set of huge book shelves of plum color that reach the ceIlIng.
                            方面积极向上的心得体会,三言两语,不                                 引。第三:沙里淘金。信息量不是最大但很                                     the shelves are full of constructIon and scIence and technology related books. hIs desk Is pIled up
                            要长篇大论,弘扬正气,传递正能量。                                  精。(安全信誉好的网投赌博二局四企业)                                        XwIth professIonal materIals together wIth hIs computer. there are no flowers or plants, no paIntIngs
                            (安全信誉好的网投赌博六局土木企业)                                                                                            or callIgraphy works, not even any certIfIcates of honor on hIs desk.
                                                                       小编:     看见那快要闪瞎的双眼了吗?!咱们终于
                    小编:     莫非这是安全信誉好的网投赌博的朋友圈?点赞!                                     以淘金者的身份被认可了。                                       P38    STOrIES

                                                                                                                                  gOlDEn EAglE READy TO Fly
                @ 叶安民:      看完杂志,整体感觉宏观大气,有筋有骨,                    @ 王虎刚 :    《安全信誉好的网投赌博》2013 年 12 月中 80 后小夫妻的
                            血肉丰满,装帧精美,绝对“高大上”。                                 玉树援建《爱的坚守》,中“在玉树的第二天”                                   he termInal of new aIrport of kunmIng Is located at changshuI vIllage, dabanqIao communIty of
                                                                                                                                       guandu dIstrIct.It stretches out lIke an eagle ready to fly. It was desIgned by arup, an englIsh
                            我想《安全信誉好的网投赌博》杂志要讲好“安全信誉好的网投赌博好声                                 那一段,“都几步路都很艰难”,应该是“走
                                                                                                                                  tconstructIon fIrm, whIch partIcIpated In the desIgn and engIneerIng of the bIrd nest and beIjIng capItal
                            音”,既彰显领军企业的品牌,又鼓舞安全信誉好的网投赌博                                几步路都很艰难”。请指正。( 安全信誉好的网投赌博西北院 )
                                                                                                                                  aIrport termInal 3. guangXI branch of no.8 engIneerIng bureau of cscec took charge of the constructIon
                            员工的士气。我建议每期或者每两期杂志采                                                                                   of a1 sessIon of the maIn aIrport termInal. the world then started to know yunnan from here, and thIs
                            写一篇咱们安全信誉好的网投赌博的人物小故事。(安全信誉好的网投赌博                        小编:     谢谢指正!小编很惭愧,请大家也一起来                                 made It possIble for yunnan to fly to the world.
                            装饰集团安全信誉好的网投赌博幕墙)                                          监督。

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